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For The Last Home Stand Of 2016
Thanks to All of You Who Purchased Tickets
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I will have the same seats for the 2017 season.
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DISCLAIMER AND CONDITIONS - The seller retains the rights to all current and future season tickets including playoffs. The seller retains the right to chose to whom tickets are sold. Pay with Cash or PayPal. PayPal user use the following email address - • If you chose PayPal the tickets can be transferred directly from the Royals website this includes the reserved parking as well. Block season ticket buyers get your picks in as soon as you know your dates to avoid tickets being sold ahead of your picks. If you are interested in a block of 10 or more tickets contact me at or (913) 205-1747. Block buyers do not have season ticket holder rights and privileges. All sales final. I choose buyers at my discretion. I try and accommodate a 1st come 1st served basis. If I think you’re a marginal buyer I might choose to sell to a know buyer ahead of you. Best practice is to commit and settle payment and delivery ASAP. PayPal is the best. I will meet buyers to deliver tickets if a mutual location is available otherwise I may ask you to come to me. I am a season ticket hold so I front the cost of an entire season well before the season begins. The cost is over $16,000. Please respect that.